The Naked Tooth

Considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure in ? Read this book first!

I’ve written this book to serve as a guide for anyone considering improving his or her smile. It will educate you not only on the treatments available, but also on how to find a qualified dentist to perform the treatments for you. My hope is to decrease the number of smile makeover disappointments I see and hear about. Having your smile enhanced should be an amazing experience and my wish is that you find the right dentist the first time around. I tell all of our new patient consults that I am there for them if they need anything or if they have any questions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to try to help.  Enjoy learning about what it takes to make your smile your strongest asset!

“I wish I had known!”

In more than nine years of practicing dentistry, I heard this sad lament over and over again from people who came to our smile makeover studio with cosmetic dentistry horror stories. As I tried to help patients recover from subpar dental work and read articles about badly made-over teeth in professional journals, I became increasingly appalled about the existence of so many dental nightmares.

I got so frustrated with this whole situation that I had to take action. I had to do something to help patients avoid poor cosmetic dentistry and get the smiles they truly want. I decided that the best way to educate patients was to write a book that would explain in simple language the procedures and pitfalls of cosmetic dentistry. The Naked Tooth tells it like it is. In this book, you’ll learn about your options based on the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry and discover how to find a good smile artist.

The Naked Tooth as Mentioned in InStyle Magazine

You might well ask, “Why is this book necessary? Don’t all dentists do good cosmetic work?” The short answer is no, not all dentists can give you the smile of your dreams. In order to get the results you want, you have to do your homework and learn as much as possible about procedures and the cosmetic dental industry.

In the following chapters, I will teach you what cosmetic dentistry is all about. I will discuss the procedures—everything from porcelain veneers to laser gum lifts—as well as aesthetic considerations, including how to determine what you really want from your smile. I will also describe a process for choos- ing your cosmetic dentist and tell you how to maintain the smile you want.
Before you start your education, it is important that you understand why you need to take so much care to make sure you get the cosmetic dentistry you want.

Buyer Beware!

What especially upsets me is that few people know that den- tists can call themselves “cosmetic dentists” and claim they do smile makeovers without any training, experience, certification, or passion for doing them! Nor do patients know they need to do research before selecting the right dentist to perform a cos- metic treatment. Rather, they assume that when their general or family dentist tells them he or she can do cosmetics and recommends a certain treatment, that’s the way to go. It’s cer- tainly easy to accept that without question or research—and millions do. Why? Because they trust their dentists.  How would they ever know there’s a wide range of talent and knowledge in cosmetic dentistry? Or they might believe they are “cheating” on their dentist if they seek cosmetics elsewhere. We’ve had clients come to us for smile makeovers, only to return to their dentist for regular care and be treated horribly for having had another dentist they had more confidence in perform the cosmetic work. What a hurdle for patients to overcome—all because their dentists won’t refer out cosmetics.  Yet often these patients who have their cosmetic work performed by their general dentist end up unhappy with the results of their makeovers and wonder what to do next. Some live with it, bad-mouthing cosmetic dentistry to their family and friends; others seek dentists for a second opinion. Some end up paying twice—or never fixing their problem.

I urge you to do your complete research the first time around when considering a smile makeover. I see many “secondhand” patients who wish they hadn’t rushed into the procedures they did and had asked more questions. Remember, years of practic- ing general dentistry is simply not the same as experience in smile makeover and enhancement dentistry!

I use the terms “smile makeover” and “smile enhancement” to mean two different things. A “smile makeover” is a full rework including eight or more veneers, perhaps in combination with procedures such as whitening, Invisalign, and gum lifts. I use the term “smile enhancement” to mean a smaller, less expen- sive procedure to improve certain aspects of one’s smile. These include (and are not limited to) bonding and contouring, gum lifts, teeth straightening, whitening, or getting fewer than four veneers. Although these minor procedures aren’t considered a full makeover, they can make a dramatic difference.

General dentistry practices that offer cosmetic, general, and family dentistry are confusing for the consumers. In our opinion, smile makeovers should be done with meticulous care by a highly trained expert in an environment exclusively dedi- cated to these specific treatments.

I hope that this book will give you the knowledge you need to get the smile you want and that you will support us in our efforts to raise the level of cosmetic dentistry in this country.