Horror Stories

Don't Let This Happen to You!

These is a just a few of the thousands of sub-standard cosmetic cases that are performed every year performed by practioners calling themselves cosmetic dentists.


this pt came to see us after having 8 Lumineers placed about a year earlier. she had complained to her dentist, who stated to have had extensive training in cosmetics, that the veneers were bulky and discolored at the gumline, but her dentist said it was the best it could be. she hates her smile more now than before her smile makeover and had to pay to have it redone by the Smile Stylists.
this pt came to see us about 5 years after having her smile restored with crowns and bridges. she was never happy with the general appearance of her smile and when the porcelain started chipping and staining around the gums, her dentist did some repairs which didn't look much better. She had us redo her smile and she had to pay all over again, just 5 years after the first makeover.
this pt had just had her veneers done within the last few months and had multiple fractures. fractures can happen, but how her dentist handled it was the problem. he wanted to charge her full price to replace. she ended up having us redo her smile since she was paying for it anyway.
this pt had some resin or composite veneers placed about 6 years earlier. she was never happy with the initial result but didn't know it could be better, so she just lived with it and the poor result just continued to get worse. when she learned we could give her a gorgeous new smile she got started that day.
this pt had 4 crowns done to help with minor chipping and didn't like the bulbous rounded look of them. when she found out she did not need to have her teeth drilled down to spikes and could've just had conservative veneers placed, she was devastated. she ended up having 8 teeth done for a smile makeover with a combo of veneers and crowns (because once you have a crown, you cannot get that tooth structure back).
this pt had 6 porcelain and metal crowns done and was upset with how mono chromatic and dull they looked and that there was metal used. we ended up replacing the 6 crowns with all ceramic crowns and 2 veneers to give her a gorgeous smile.
this pt has recieved one 6 unit bridge placed on top of implants to replace hre missing teeth. she was happy having something permanent instead of a flipper, but was unhappy with the cosmetic result; she felt they were too long and skinny and stuck out. after chatting with her, she wanted a really white gorgeous smile and decided to have her whole mouth redone, replacing her old work and making everything match and look great.
this pt came to see us after having one crown placed on her front tooth and was obviously unhappy with the outcome. she had wished she had just gotten a veneer instead of having her tooth ground down to a spike, but didn't know any better. we ended up replacing the front crown and doing 7 veneers and a gumlift for a full smile makeover.
this pt was missing 2 front teeth and needed to have a 4 unit bridge and was talked into doing the canines too so everything would match, so he had his 2 canines ground down and received crowns and was not pleased with the result and was even more upset when things started breaking and chipping and the dentist wanted him to pay again to have it fixed. we replaced the front 6 crowns/bridge and added 4 veneers to give him a full great-looking smile.
this poor girl went overseas to have her whole mouth done and received an awful looking and fitting smile and was in so much pain when she saw us and needed numerous root canals. she had already spent a lot of money and couldn't afford to do anything to change her smile or help her get out of pain.
this pt came to see us after having 2 bondings done to close a space. she had had it done several years ago and was never really happy, but they had stained and chipped so badly so quickly, she wasn't sure what to do. after discussing her goals, we decided to do a gumlift and 8 veneers.
this pt came to see us after 6 veneers placed and was unhappy with the dull, almost fuzzy loko to the porcelain and was even more upset when the front veneer chipped. she wanted to have us redo her smile after seeing our smile makeovers, but wasn't able to pay for a new smile again.
this poor girl came in with her husband after having 6 Lumineers placed the month before. she had initially went in to her dentist to address one dark front tooth that had had a RCT. she was talked into getting 6 veneers so they would match. she was so appalled by the way it looked she wouldn't leave her closet. her husband begged us to do something. they had already spent all of their money and could not afford to redo it, so we used our special laser to remove the veneers (luckily very little to no tooth was removed) and we polished them and placed a bonding over the dark tooth as a temporary fix.
this young girl had her pedodontist (dentist who sees children) place 6 veneers and had some gum work done and when the edges of the veneers didn't reach the gums, the dentist placed some bonding material to cover it up. it was very bulky and not smooth. the pt's mom just wanted her daughter to be happy, so we did 10 veneers and gum lasering and is thrilled!
this pt came to see us after having her dentist give her 16 crown, 8 on top and 8 on the bottom. pt was very displeased with the result (they were dark, mono-chromatic, and didn't resembel teeth at all) and was horrified to find out she could have gotten veneers instead of aggressive crowns. she had them all replaced.